Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Claude Monet Color Assignment 7

1)    Totally a broad color usage LOVE this painting so much... a little more green and it could have qualified as a total color wheel palette! I find it to be very well balanced  you can easily focus on the building or the sunset/reflection.

2)     The emotion of this painting is just perfect, it truly portrays the end or a wonderful day by having bright joyful colors in the center but having muted edges feeling as if the day is coming to a well completed end.

1)     Limited in the ense that the colors aren't striking. However there are warm and cool tones used in the painting, but even the "warmer" tones have a cool tint to them. This is a harmonious balance very relaxing.
2)     This conveys perfectly the one object Monet wants the viewers to focus on- the dock; everything but that is very subtle and limited.

1)   Limited, subtle  the only thing that stands out much would be the building and boaters.
2)     it makes me feel cold, like perhaps the people in the boats have been fishing on a chilly winter day.

1)     This is a nice board range of color, but in a balanced way

2)     it seems quite energizing and alarming to me. Maybe a storm is a-brewing.

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