Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Helvetica Review

Question #1: Do you think the Helvetica typeface is good or bad? I think it’s good. To be honest, the people that were acting controversial about it, in my opinion, probably couldn’t handle the stigma that went along with it-not the typeface itself; because it is true, Helvetica is balanced, simple and used in the everyday text. Because you can find Helvetica almost everywhere it leaves a sense of freedom to decided for yourself what the words mean to you- where as a decorative font for example usually forces an emotion on the viewer.

Question #2: Who was your favorite type/graphic designer interviewed, and why? Danny Van Dan Dungeon was my favorite because he saw how Helvetica could seem intimidating or boring to some people, but he preferred to see it in the positive light of nostalgia and familiarity. He isn't against experimentation with different fonts and ways of putting them together, like someone like David Carson enjoys doing, but he feels like using Helvetica saves time and is a safe choice.

Question #3: Write a one or two paragraph review of the movie
 It was interesting to see how some designers loved it and others really did not at all. The whole process almost became repetitious. I really enjoyed some of the shots in this movie, I believe the cinematographer had some skills. 
 The sans-serrif font Hevletica was developed by Max Miedinger the year of 1957, at Haas Type in Switzerland. Neue Haas Grotesk was the original name of Hevetica

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  1. Interesting! I have mixed feelings about Helvetica. Nice work.