Wednesday, January 12, 2011


 My dream job right out of school would to be a camera operator, editor, graphic designer or photographer and for freelance projects of this sort of my own. I love working with people; being on a film crew is enjoyable. I would prefer to have more direction of design than have more freedom of my own, because it seems wise to learn from other professionals that have been in the field for years. There's a nice balance of field work with setting up videos, filming and then computer based editing. I would not need very much pay, in fact I think I would prefer to start as an intern because there is less pressure to get things right the first time and more room for learning. I'm a firm believer in learning by experience and there seems to be a lot of aspects of filming that needs to be found out on set rather in a classroom.

  I've done an internship with the City Church for media and loved it very much. The church has live broadcasting and was energizing to film the services with the pressure of needing to get it right the first time. We also edited video, kept continuity, set up interviews, planned projects, helped on set and made dvds. I loved the experience and think I would love doing it for the rest of my life.I need a job where I can move around at least part of the time, I can't handle sitting down for any long amount of time so set work and operating cameras is very enjoyable to me, I don't mind lifting heavy stuff because it wears off the excess energy I get when sitting around all day. Or if I sit around too long I just fall asleep, which doesn't work too well with having a job. Clearly this job is perfect for me.

Me filming at the City Church for their youth conference.


  1. That is excellent!!! That sounds like an awesome job to have!! The best of luck to you.

  2. I admit I fell asleep more than once at the couple desk jobs I've held. Nobody noticed either.